01 October 2007

What I've been Doin'

1. Movin' to Brooklyn

2. Goin' to fairs:

Fair season/"autumn" is by far my favorite time of year. Stacie and I (and Max??) are gearing up for Rhinebeck on $13 a piece, which really isn't going to buy us much cheese (the real reason we go). The Topsfield Fair is this weekend--oh crap, it just occurred to me that I will have no money for this, as I certainly shouldn't dive into my $13 Rhinebeck fund. Hmm...

Well anyway, before I completely ran out of money I attended the Goshen and Guilford fairs in my home state of Connecticut. The Goshen Fair was, as usual, AWESOME. Check this shit out:

Admittedly, there wasn't much competition, but STILL. And I won $8!

It was my first time attending the Guilford Fair, which was pretty standard. Or so I thought until I wandered into Department W: Spinning and Fiber! I've been to many a fair but I have never before seen an entire barn dedicated to such things. There were two old white dudes stringently judging the quality of all the handspun entries. Very serious stuff.

Sadly, I missed the spinning contest.

3. Workin' on projects

It's true, I've started knitting again. After a lengthy break my wrists are feeling better and I've gotten quite a bit done on Cherie:

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