01 October 2007

What A Little Sunlight Will Do

For whatever odd reason, the nice weather leads me to spinning. I think a large part of it may be that my two (TWO!) fiber clubs arrive days apart, and then I feel the need to catch up. Well, that being said, I'm presenting to you two (TWO!) photos of the same thing:

Sunny "colorado"

And again:

Spunky Club "Colorado"

This is my Spunky Eclectic September selection. It is called "Colorado" and it is a merino/tencel blend. I'm providing the two (TWO!) pictures of the same item in order to better illustrate the sheen, but also so you have a better idea of the colors - neither photo seemed to do the fiber any justice - in different ways - so I figure with a combination of the two (TWO!) you can get a better idea of what we're dealing with here. I have never spun with tencel before - it gives a lovely sheen to the fiber, and also makes it a bit slippery! I didn't really pre-draft this fiber - I just dove in and treadled like mad to get it fairly thin. To preserve the lovely colors and the sheen of the fiber, I opted to try my hand at Navajo-Plying. This is my first attempt at navajo-plying, and I think it went pretty well. I just took my time, and paid attention every step of the way. I think I've got about 200 yards or so, and I'm thinking maybe a lace scarf of some sort.

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