20 November 2007

I Am Worth 700 Cows (At Least)

I had grand crafting plans for last evening - well, writing up that pattern - but was sidelined a wee bit in order to replace this:

Yeah, that's the Symmons Temptrol® Temperature Control Shower Handle Chrome (Model T-31). Ours broke - it had been on it's way out for awhile. So off to HomeDepot for me to find this. I got no love or help AT ALL at HD, but managed to find the part nonetheless (the entire kit was available for a fair bit more $) and brought it all home and hooked it all up. 2 minute fix!

With a screwdriver, I am unstoppable. I will now add plumbing to my dowry list.

1 comment:

Max said...

Yep, I'm thinking 700 cows, a ranch, a vineyard, and all the hot water you could ever want.