19 November 2007

A Scarf, A Sock, A Progress Report.

(There were way too many bad puns that could have gone into the title of this post that I had to just bow out of all of them....)

Although I am supposed to be kicking it into high gear holiday making mode, I've been working a fair amount on things I want to make for, well, maybe me, maybe some for others, I'm not too sure. These are definitely not holiday related items.

Young Sef has been bemoaning the cold and had requested a scarf a few weeks ago. I started to knit something up for him with my handspun Mollusc and a bit of red - the scarf was going to be set up to mimic the pattern found in a Golomb Ruler (order 13). My dislike for scarf-knitting runs deep, and this thing was going nowhere fast. With it getting colder, some drastic action had to be taken.

Enter the loom. Having picked up a rigid heddle loom a few months back, I have not had a chance to get that badboy working. I'll admit I was kind of scared of the prospect of warping this thing, but I knew the weaving itself would be fairly straightforward. Also, Sef wanted to learn. So we got things set-up and did us some weaving:

Mollusc Scarf

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out - quite nice for a first attempt, no? Our calculations were all over the place and I ended up with a very very long thin scarf. So I folded the whole thing in half, whipstitched it together down the length, and chopped the end. So it is only fringed on the one side. it feels wonderful, though, and this yarn really made a wonderful fabric. Oh, and Young Sef is pleased with it.

I'll admit that when I said I was done with those 2 quilts I still had the edge binding to hand sew around. I worked on that this weekend, and I have one side left on my dad's quilt.

But when I wasn't doing that, I worked on this:

Dusk Sock

This is the Helloyarn colorway "Dusk" and it is the squishiest most plump sock yarn I have ever encountered! It's pooling something lovely, and knitting up pretty fast.

In the world of reverse-engineering: I completed the Anthro capelet, sans proper I-cord tie and pompoms. I ran out of yarn! But with only that much remaining. So I quick-like whipped up a crochet chain, just for an idea of how it would fall. I'm hoping to get to blocking it mayhaps tonight? And also writing up that pattern (test-knitters, please?). So expect to see that progress in the future.


simone said...

The weaving! It's stunning! After T-giving. . .I want to come over and weave stuff. Perhaps placemats? It looks so awesome. I like the way the scarf turned out. I need some serious crafting time with you, Stacie--the very fanciest of the fancy ladies!

NJStacie said...

Ooh placemats would be a cinch! You should chat with Amy - she is trying to get a crafting "plan" together in which we sort of make everything we have ever thought of making or somsuch.......