16 November 2007

I did something(s).

While Stacie was reverse-engineering the whole of the Anthro catalogue, making 17 quilts for Christmas...and Max was meditating at Mount Madonna Center (so jealous I want to kill something - hence the need for meditation/quiet/peacefulness/etc)...I made some stuff:

Anna Hrachovec's amazing Woodins:

And Smariek's 3AM Cable Hat:

Oh man, I just finished it whilst watching the newest SVU...Stabler got head-butted and now he can't see anything! I hope he's OK...


Max said...

Shriek! My god, Amy, those are so dadgum cute! I have been wanting to make these, but you actually did it.

Also: nice hat. Stacie has FORBIDDEN me to knit anymore with brown, green, or brown-and-green. But I guess she hasn't put her foot down on you yet.

What's your plan for stopping her, anyway?

simone said...

oh dear lord!!!! Those are adorable. I love love love them!

And that hat isn't bad either! All so cute.

Seriously, I need to get going on my knitting.