16 November 2007

XTREME blocking; mixed results

Well, there she is, the blocked Moth. Almost dry by the time I got her into this state. I'm going to try spritzing and re-drying, but first I have to soak my spritzer in a bleach solution. (Yeccch.) Then I have to rinserinserinse, hoping not to inadvertently bleach the rug. And then I think I'll call my KAL Moth done!

In blocking, I discovered yet another dropped stitch. Oi. Unfortunately, this one laddered badly, as a result of the blocking. And you can't see it here, but the neck part has extra fabric, like the upturned collar on the polo shirt of a lesbian soccer mom. If anything, one would want one's shawl to be going the other way. I see I have a lot to learn about blocking, that realization being only one of the learning experiences resulting from knitting this Moth.

Ah, well. As the buddhists say, with the ideal comes the actual. There were several problems that, as they occurred whilst on the airplane, I had to resolve for my own self (just like Buddha said to do!), rather than go running to Stacie. And I did it! That alone makes this effort worthwhile.

Even if I never wear it.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

wow - that is one heck of an impressive piece of handwork there.

amazing! and well done you :)