29 November 2007

Let Us Revisit A Hat

I continue to avoid any proper holiday crafting. I think I'm a feeling a bit overwhelmed by some other activities that I've been back-burnering for some time now - writing up the Hayride pattern, a button-band reconfiguring for someone, some more foot garments. So for now, I am re-knitting a hat:You may recognize this from awhile ago - a fairly loose-knit hat made with random handspun. Well, Young Sef has been wearing that hat, and it's stretched beyond belief. But he adores it! So he kindly asked me to re-knit it for him. He rides his bike through the winter, so he NEEDS to have the hat; I've loaned him my hat until I complete this (shouldn't take long!) and it sure is getting cold out there. I've gone down a couple of needle sizes (I think the original was on 8s - I present you with 6s) and I think I cast on less stitches. he tried it on this morning - fits okay so far! It was nice to see how the yarn weathered - quite nicely.


Max said...

That's a good test of the homespun - I would say it's looking better than ever!

NJStacie said...

It's softer than before - it feels great and it fits MUCH better.