18 January 2008

hey cupcake!

So some of you know about my quiet-but-intense predilection for cupcakes... Visiting Billy's every time I go to NYC, for example, and discovering no fewer than THREE cupcake bakeries in Asheville, N.C. when I was passing through there in August. Imagine my chagrin to discover last summer that Austin had ZERO - count 'em - ZERO cupcake bakeries (unless you count grocery stores, which I don't). But wait, what's this? Last week when I paid a visit to the legendary Hill Country Weavers on a whim, what do I spot RIGHT NEXT DOOR? You guessed it - a cupcake stand!

hey cupcake! is one of many Austin businesses that are run out of these old sno-cone trailers - there's a creperie and a real Sno-Cone place, all within a square mile or so. So guess who's got a cupcake for lunch today, hmm?


Max said...

Oh. My. God.

I'm comin down there!

nuttnbunny said...

Was in town last weekend and chose my calories at Continental club instead. Still regretting it.