19 January 2008

Spinning and...thinking about Knitting.

I've been thinking a lot about knitting, and spinning as well. Reading, researching, investigating. It is January after all - my traditional non-knitting month. I'll think of it as....planning for the future. I've been making lots of lists, and considering what I'd like to accomplish with my stash-busting. All the while making more stash:


This is some HelloYarn fiber (not club stuff) in the "Bog" colorway. I had 8 ounces, which, when spun up, game about 650 yards or so. I haven't washed it yet to set the twist, but the whole batch was perfectly balanced right off the bobbins. I'm making my way through some "Harvest" colorway roving (Spunky Eclectic) in the hopes of working up a striped sweater of some sort - just a simple lazing around pullover, I think, in soft autumnal oranges, browns, ochres, greys, greens. I'm about halfway through that bunch, and hope to be done this weekend.

I haven't *only* been CREATING stash - I've been busting through it like nobody's business. I quick-like-a-bunny completed that handspun Baby Surprise Jacket:


Doesn't look a bit finished there, does it? It's pretty magical, I gotta tell ya. With just a couple of origami folds you end up with this:


I ran out of the handspun with pretty much just the button bands and bottom rows to finish up. I went to the stash and found a bundle of perfectly matching red Wool/Cotton, and it was *justenough* to complete the sweater! I most highly recommend that everryone make one of these - so fast, super fun, super easy. I've got some cute little green buttons to tack on to this, but my interest in sewing on buttons is pretty minimal (see also: Ireland sweater, Amanda's China Sweater, numerous bags, laptop case, etc etc). I'll get to it soon enough. At least in this case I actually HAVE the ideal buttons.


Monika said...

Is this the party dress fiber, you used for the BSJ? It's amazing. Did you have more than 4oz for it? I don't know what to do with this colorway, but seeing your BSJ gives me an idea, that it does not have to be another hat! I think it's wonderful!!!

nuttnbunny said...

Such great colors for the BSJ!!

NJStacie said...

This IS the Party Dress fiber, and it was only the 4 oz. I spun it up pretty thin and navajo-plied. I can't remember what my yardage was, but it was nearly enough for a BSJ, so I figured I'd give it a go! I really didn't know what else the colors could be!

Sandra Martins Matos said...

hi there!
I'm from Portugal, and found your blog in a projct search...and just adored this baby surprise jacket...can you please tell me how you've made it?
If so, do it to: sandra.martins@gepc.ge.com
I love to crochet and to knit, among other things...and this jacket is just beautiful, and I would like to make a similar one for my son.
Thanks and keep up the good work!
Love from Portugal