28 January 2007

Snowflake is done!

Anyone who was at last Wednesday's group probably saw me working on my double-knit snowflake. I had really hoped to have it done by Saturday, when I was going to be teaching another double-knit class at Newbury Yarns. Well, the class didn't run (the proprietor of said store is such a nice person, but I've had more problems with her class scheduling than anywhere else I've taught), but I got the snowflake done. I'm glad I didn't put it on top of a hat, because while it's nice, it's not as nice as I think I could do it -- and I really would rather have it be a non-reversible pattern since no two snowflakes are the same (kudos to Amanda for that suggestion). Now that I have a snowflake in this technique, I can more accurately chart a better snowflake for next time. Now if I could just chart a believable 6-point snowflake in a stockinette field without decreases. Currently OTN: My non-reversible double-knit answer to Niki's hat, now with decreases. For more double-knitting fun (and the picture of the back of the snowflake), check out my antiblog.


simone said...

It's so beautiful!!!

Lucia said...

So when does the book come out? Because I need to learn non-reversible double knitting now.