13 July 2007

Green Monster

Well, I am definitely making progress:(since yesterday)
While I am about to complete this one, and I am also going to be a good girl and immediately casto n for the second one, I *still* do not understand the allure of knitting socks. Is it the yarn? How impressed strangers are when they see you working with so many pointy sticks? For fancier socks, is it the opportunity to try out some new patterns/techniques on a smaller scale?

I also received a rather large package yesterday from the kind folks at Halcyon Yarns - more wool! More spinning!

It has been noted that I do a fair amount of my knitting throughout the summer months. I often attribute it to baseball and the Tour de France - I enjoy watching both of these things on the television machine, but not much really happens in either (for the most part), allowing for plenty of quality knitting (and now spinning!) time. It's good lace-knitting time, and has definitely gotten me more involved in the spinning as well. What to do with all of these knit projects? Unknown. I'm a process knitter, so it's really more about the doing than the end product.......


Max said...

Well, you know what they say: one sock is just a sock. Two socks: ADDICTION. What's to understand about America's (and Canada's) love of knitting socks?

Amy said...

i don't know what to say...i just feel so betrayed.