14 July 2007

Not much knitting...

So I haven't been able to knit much lately, mostly due to inexplicable wrist strain (possibly caused by playing too much Katamari Damacy). But I have been collecting small glass animals. The same small glass animals made by Hagen-Renaker that I used to collect when I was a pre-teen. I saw them again when we were in Myrtle Beach--at the same goddamn store I used to buy them from over fifteen years ago--and had a nostalgic seizure. I convinced myself not to buy the entire stock and settled on these two natural enemies:

I was totally appeased and in control...until I got home, had too much to drink one night, and tricked myself into bidding on an undisclosed number of little glass dudes on eBay. It started out somewhat focused and reasonable. I mean, just look at these guys! And they're "retired" for christ's sake:

It gets a little hazy after that...
First I won the dysfunctional squirrel family:

Then these crazy circus dudes:

These guys are just out of control:

There's a good chance that there are more on the way. I don't even freakin' know.


Max said...

We had these back in my day, too. It fascinated me much more to see them at the Ben Franklin, in all their hundreds, then to try to collect the pitiful few that I'd have amassed on my sad little allowance. (Also, had to buy Nancy Drew with that.)

I *did* have about 1800 ceramic hedgehogs that used to come in the Red Rose teabag boxes. I was always hoping to get something different, but no: always hedgehogs.

Amy said...

that's so funny! we always only got polar bears! wtf?

Greeley said...

How funny- I collected the same animals as a kid.