15 July 2007

Knit, thrift, eat

chou topHowdy, howdy, howdy! Here's mon petit chou this morning. I've postponed finishing the bottoms (surprise!) and have started on the bra. That's the right cup nearly done. Unfortunately I forgot one of the eyelets on the left side and I'm waiting to ask Stacie how to fix it before proceeding further. Perhaps she can do for me what she did for Amy's cable shame. Wake up, Stacie!

antique Japanese basketIn thrifting news, I went to Brimfield yesterday, said to be North America's largest antiques show. I'm not sure if I can believe that, but we skipped the high-end pay-to-enter section, so I can't really judge the show as a whole. I took home only three items: this monumental Japanese basket (for knitting, of course), a faux bois planter from the 20s, and a pink Bakelite buckle for my Lady Detective hat from Knit 2 Together (not yet on the needles).

I nearly got two of those baskets; they were only $25, which is about $75 less than you can get a new one of the same size. The woman who was selling them had a quadruple-size booth full of them, large and small, trug-shaped ones, wooden buckets and scoops, and wonderful curvy stools, all old and worn and beautiful. I thought of my ex-husband immediately, who would love one, and was torn, but I just couldn't carry two.

Today I keep thinking of the Buddhist saint Shantideva, author of Guide to the Boddhisattva's Way of Life, who said something like "Once thought of, a gift not given is the torment of a million lifetimes." So, gotta go back to Brimfield in September. Plus, now I want a trug. And maybe a couple stools. See? Torment!

Had a nice orange breakfast today, and discussed London geography over oatmeal. That's Hyde Park near my spoon :)

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